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Translated to “Holy Wood”,  Palo Santo is a tree native to Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia, whose constituents have been used in spiritual practice for centuries. 

Its smoke has been used in rituals, ceremonies, prayer and meditation practices to cleanse negative energies, clear and protect sacred spaces, and attract abundance and good fortune, leaving peace and good feelings in its place.

With a warm, sweet, woody and citrusy aroma, it is very uplifting and has been traditionally used to treat low emotional states such as: sadness, grief, and depression. Some of its chemical constituents are also understood to assist in the oxygenation of the brain, leading to positive, heightened mental states.

To get a Palo Santo Stick, dead wood is harvested and allowed to cure for up to five years to ensure the most potent incense. In South American countries, it is illegal to harvest live trees, so only dead trees and fallen branches are harvested. The oils of the wood are not present if a live tree is cut down by human hands. Only by allowing nature to take its course, through the natural ageing and dying process, will a beautiful oil (scent) be produced. 

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