High Country Holistic was created by 26 year old Kelsey, a Victorian born singer songwriter turned plant-based wellness coach and holistic healthcare advocate.

My Story 

For as long as I can remember, animals, music and natural healing have been my passions.
I have fond memories as a little kid singing to the ponies at my primary school to calm them down, placing wishing stones and crystals along my dogs body as she lay on the floor, and being so in love with the organic fruit and vegetable shop.  

My parents sent me to a small independent primary school with a farm which was where my deep love and care for animals was kindled. It was really no surprise to my family when I cut out meat from my diet and went Vegetarian at 17, eventually omitting all animal products by the age of 20. 

Like many, I've struggled with mental health issues my whole life. Eating a whole-food plant-based diet, exercising religiously, and using alternative therapies have each played a major role in my healing journey. 

My dream was to be able to create a truly holistic healthcare business that could not only help others who have shared experiences, but also fund a sanctuary for rescue animals and a move from Melbourne to the Victorian High Country for good.

I am currently undertaking studies in Crystal Therapy, Yoga, and Alternative Health Care and have a long-term objective to be able to live and work remotely in the High Country of Victoria with my Fiancè, Daniel.

I hope one day to be able to provide a compassionate, authentic and holistic healthcare service to my clients, supporting each person as a ‘whole’ to live a more compassionate life, whilst helping their body to do what is innate, live - and live well.