The Starseed Oracle


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A modern oracle for a new generation of mystics.

The incredible Starseed Oracle is a breathtaking 53-card oracle deck by the one and only Rebecca Campbell, with stunning Illustrations by Danielle Noel.

This deck has been specially created for Starseeds, empaths, light-workers and spiritual seekers.

Starseeds are souls that first incarnated somewhere beyond this planet – many have a sort of 'knowing' from a young age.

Depicting energy portals, ancient sites, faraway planets and star systems, this unbelievably beautiful oracle is otherworldly, literally opening a path to things that cannot be seen with our eyes.

For the Starseeds roaming the Earth with a pull towards the unknown within the stars, this deck will help you to:

- Identify as a Starseed, and help you develop a deeper understanding of what this word means.

- Feel less alone in the universe and understand your longing for 'home'.

- Activate imprinted memories of your soul history through beautiful cosmic images

- Understand your mission here on Earth, and empower you to be a source of positive energy.

When you work with your cards on a regular basis, you will find that your intuition increases, your soul’s voice gets louder, and you are able to deeply embrace who you are and the work you came here to do.

This is one of those decks that every spiritual fanatic needs in their life. 
It's our must - have, and we love pairing our deck our Lemurian or 'Starseed' quartz crystal. 

We love this deck, and could not recommend it more highly to others. 

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