The Crystal Healing Guide


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Simon Lily's comprehensive Crystal Healing guide is one of our favourite beginner crystal books.

The Crystal Healing Guide explains how crystals can be used to bring well-being to all areas of your life.

Rather than the regular crystal Encyclopedia's, this book teaches you how to choose, cleanse, and explore the properties of different crystals.

There are plenty of simple healing layouts for the beginner crystal healer to help you increase confidence and skill, plus more detailed information for those already familiar with the field of crystal healing.

Simon's book includes:

- Information on the use of crystals in healing across the world.

- Information on how to use kinesiology, pendulum dowsing and intuitive procedures to discover the most effect and safe treatments for each individual.

- Unique and original crystal placements to balance the chakras, subtle bodies and the meridians of the body.

- Safe and effective emotional stress-relieving techniques/

- Categorisation of crystal functions by their colour and the indications of personal balance and imbalances using colour as a key.

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