Satin Spar/Selenite Tower


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Purifying and peaceful, Satin Spar/Selenite is a beautiful calming stone that soothes feelings of tension, stress and overwhelm whilst dispelling negative energy.

Ideal for meditation, it is fast and effective at cleansing and clearing the auric field, raising our frequency, and increasing the flow of light energy from source into the body.

It is Ideal to place in your healing space, in the bedroom, or even near the front door to purify all energies entering the home.

This is the perfect stone for any space where you wish to create a sense of serenity.

These beautiful pieces each have an incredible purifying energy and their own unique shape. They are perfect for storing your crystal bracelets on. 

Weight: 231g

Approximate measurements:
Length - 4.4cm 
Width - 3.9cm 
Height - 1cm 

Please Note:
We will intuitively select your Satin Spar/Selenite Tower based on our available stock. 
The image is offered as an example only. 
Due to the uniqueness of each piece, the measurements provided are only offered as a guide.
If you have a preference for the type of stone you are after please leave a note with your order.


Crystal descriptions available on our website are not a prescription or diagnosis and have NOT been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. 

These descriptions are only supplied with the intention to provide food for thought.

Please consult your health care professional regarding serious health concerns and do not attempt to self-diagnose. 

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