Rainbow Moonstone Smooth Stone


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Moonstone is the “Stone of New Beginnings”, and just like the moon itself with all its phases, Moonstone is here to remind us that everything in our universe is part of an ever-changing cycle.

Like a mother, with a nurturing, passive and feminine energy, Moonstone’s most prominent effect is its ability to calm and balance our emotions and prevent overreactions to situations, making it a great stone for hyperactive children or those dealing with stress or anxiety.

Strongly connected to intuition, it was used traditionally as a way to develop or enhance clairvoyance.

Placed on the solar plexus, Moonstone has the ability to draw out old emotional patterning so that it can be understood and dissolved. Therefore, providing deep healing from emotional stress, particularly for those with disorders of the upper digestive tract.

Moonstone is the ultimate Woman’s stone and can powerfully affect the female reproductive cycle. Helping to alleviate menstrual related symptoms, it is an excellent choice for those with PMS or for pre-and post conception, fertility issues, pregnancy, childbirth or breast feeding.

A fantastic stone for toxin elimination and fluid retention issues. Its link to the pineal gland also makes it a great choice for those with insomnia or sleep difficulties.


Approximate measurements:
Length - 4cm 
Width - 3.5cm 
Height - 0.5cm

Please Note:
We will intuitively select your Smooth Stone based on our available stock. 
The image is offered as an example only. 
Due to the uniqueness of each piece, the measurements provided are only offered as a guide.
If you have a preference for the type of stone you are after please leave a note with your order.


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