Nurture Crystal Kit ©


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Compassion - Care - Kindness 

Nurture © is dedicated to the beautiful people in my life who have nurtured me through all of my experiences - good and bad. 

This thoughtful selection of crystals is like a beautiful warm hug.

The uses for this kit are incredibly broad.

So, if you or someone you love needs some TLC, Nurture might just be the perfect choice.

What you will receive:

- 1 x Morganite Tumble Stone.

- 1 x Rhodonite Tumble Stone.

- 1 x Rose Quartz Tumble Stone.

- 1 x Mangano Calcite Tumble Stone.

- 1 x Kunzite Tumble Stone.

- 1 x Pink Chalcedony Tumble Stone.

- 1 x Bag with logo.

- 1 x Information Card. 

Total weight of kit: 80g

Please Note:
We will intuitively select each Crystal within your 'Nurture Crystal Kit'  based on our available stock. 
The images are offered as an example only. 
Due to the uniqueness of each piece, the measurements provided are only offered as a guide.
If you have a preference for the type of stones you are after please leave a note with your order.

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