Lunar Ritual Herbal Incense


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Lunar Herbal Incense has been lovingly blended to help strengthen the thread of connection between you and the natural rhythms and cycles of Mother Earth.

This blend can be offered at any phase of the Moon, particularly the Full Moon, or if you are wanting to align yourself with nature, or sharpen your awareness to the night sky.

By creating a sacred space of stillness, and by holding positive intent to observe our beautiful Moon, you can soften and begin to understand your own cycles, elements & seasons within nature.

Lunar Herbal Incense is prepared by-hand by Carmen at Lulani Moon Therapies, and is infused with Australian Bush Flower Essences to support the emotional body.

All herbs within this blend are certified organic where possible and are sustainably and ethically sourced.

A High Country Holistic Tumble Stone has been chosen to work specifically with the properties of this incense.

Rainbow Moonstone is the “Stone of New Beginnings”, and just like the moon itself with all its phases, Moonstone is here to remind us that everything in our universe is part of an ever-changing cycle.

Like a mother, with a nurturing, passive and feminine energy, Moonstone’s most prominent effect is its ability to calm and balance our emotions whilst connecting us to mother-moon herself.

Moonstone is the ultimate Woman’s stone and can powerfully affect the female reproductive cycle. 

We believe Lunar Herbal Incense and Rainbow Moonstone make the perfect duo and can provide a calm and connected experience when combined together in ritual. 

What you will receive:

- 1 x 11g Ritual Herbal Incense in Glass Test Tube.


- 1 x High Country Holistic Tumble Stone.

- 1 Roll of Bamboo Non-Toxic Charcoal Discs (10 discs).

Please note: 
The images are offered as examples only. 
Any other components within the displayed images (i.e. large crystals etc.) are not included as part of your purchase.


Botanicals available on our website have NOT been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. 

Any of the descriptions provided on our site are only supplied with the intention to provide food for thought.

When burning any form of plant matter always use with caution in a well ventilated space and in an appropriate heat proof vessel.

Please consult your health care professional regarding serious health concerns and do not attempt to self-diagnose. 

Please use this product with care and take extra precautions if you are pregnant, have a respiratory condition, or if you intend to use this around young children and/or pets.

Tumble stones are included as a compliment to your Ritual Herbal Incense and are intended to be used for meditation or held during a burning ritual, by no means should the tumble stone or any other crystal be placed in the heated vessel.

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