Lepidolite with Green Tourmaline, Mica and Albite Rough


A beautiful heart healing crystal made up of a combination of four unique stones.

Lepidolite -  The stone of serenity, Lepidolite is a beautiful emotional healer that can be deeply relaxing due to its high lithium content. It can balance the emotional body and bring a sense of calm to the mind. 

Green Tourmaline - Invoking courage, strength and vitality, Green Tourmaline is one of the best stones for self-healing. Its affinity with the heart helps to bring about wholeness and emotional stability. It can attract
 prosperity and success by opening the heart, enabling us to reach for our true desires. Like all Tourmalines, it has protective properties and encourages healing and grounding of energies. Meditating with Green Tourmaline can enhance mature emotional development.

Mica - Forming in layers, Mica is a protective stone that guards against negative energies. It shields against jealousy, anger and violence, and helps to 'keep the peace' in drama-prone situations. 

Albite - A stone of action, Albite stimulates personal growth and brings confidence, courage and willingness to enter the unknown. It aids
 in clarity of thought, and enhances tactful cooperation with others. Albite gives an easy and effortless flow to all relationships, situations and interactions. It supports personal freedom and self-empowerment in times of change.

This beautiful rough would be perfect to utilise during meditation, or could be placed on a bed side table or in a healing space.

Weight: 245g

Approximate measurements:
Length - 7.7cm 
Width - 6.1cm 
Height - 4.7cm 

Every crystal is shaped uniquely, so please understand these measurements are provided as a guide only.


Crystal descriptions available on our website are not a prescription or diagnosis and have NOT been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. 

These descriptions are only supplied with the intention to provide food for thought.

Please consult your health care professional regarding serious health concerns and do not attempt to self-diagnose. 

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