Goddess Dream Oracle


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One of the most beautiful decks on our bookshelf, the Goddess Dream Oracle calls all life into being.

Author and incredible Artist, Wendy Andrew, illustrates the divine embodiments of the Goddess, channelling sacred feminine energy. 

The Goddess is a maiden of creativity, a mother of love, and is filled with sacred wisdom.

Take her hand through the 
Goddess Dream Oracle and reconnect with your own intuition and remember who you really are!

This deck truly takes you on a journey within the divine dreamworld of the Goddess in all her forms, and introduces you to her allies.

You cannot help but feel protected and connected with nature by looking at the stunning autumn tones and artwork within this deck.

The Goddess Dream Oracle is the perfect oracle deck to help guide you in your search for your inner truth, your life purpose, and your higher self.

This is one of those decks you just cannot put down, hence why you see it here.

We truly hope you love it as much as we do!

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