Courtney Mitchell


1 piece in stock.

1 x Selenite Slab - Was: $45.50 - Now: $35.50
1 x Amethyst Cluster - Was: $12.00 - Now: $6.00
1 x Cobaltoan Calcite Rough - Was: $50.00 - Now: $23.00
1 x Clear Quartz Freestanding Cluster - Was: $52.00 - Now: $30.00
1 x Spirit Quartz Cluster - Was: $80.00 - Now: $40.00

Does not include postage. This can be arranged at a later date. 

Total: $134.50

Payment 1: $33.00

Due 08/05/2022

Payment 2: $33.00

Due 22/05/2022

Payment 3: $33.00

Due 05/06/2022  

Payment 4: $35.50

Due 19/06/2022 

Lay-buy/Payment Plan Terms

  • Your Lay-buy will run over a 7 week period.
  • This Custom Listing has information on products you are purchasing and your 4 seperate payment due dates. 

  • Every fortnight you will be required to visit our website, add your custom listing to your cart, and check out as normal.

  • Missed payments risk cancellation of your lay-buy.

  • Products can be added to your lay-buy (similar to an open-box style order) throughout your lay-buy period, however, this will not change your payment due dates or extend your lay-buy.

  • Please understand, the addition of other items to your lay-buy will likely increase the cost of shipping. 

  • Lay-buys can be paid out in full at anytime.

  • On the completion of your last payment (in week 7 or before) your will be invoiced for postage for your entire order. Once payment has been made your order will be packed and sent home to you.
  • By checking out you accept that 20% of your total lay-buy purchase is non-refundable if you choose to cancel your lay-buy at any time.

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