Cobaltoan Calcite Rough


The stone of compassion and joy, Cobaltoan Calcite is an uncommon variety of Calcite with Cobalt impurities.

Generally speaking, the amount of Cobalt within the stone determines how pink it is.

Like other pink stones such as Rose Quartz, Cobaltoan Calcite is excellent for the heart and heart chakra.

A perfect choice of stone to support us in releasing buried emotions, Cobaltoan Calcite can bring about emotional healing, and put an end to those toxic emotional patterns and blockages within us.

Ideal to utilise on the journey of self love, this stone is a great one to have in your collection if you are wanting to work on compassion and forgiveness, not just for yourself but for others too.

Wonderful for uplifting our energy, it can help us move into a positive state of mind and support us during grief.

Weight: 116g

Approximate measurements:
Length - 7cm
Width - 6.5cm 
Height - 3.5cm

Every crystal is shaped uniquely, so please understand these measurements are provided as a guide only. 


Crystal descriptions available on our website are not a prescription or diagnosis and have NOT been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. 

These descriptions are only supplied with the intention to provide food for thought.

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