Apophyllite Cluster


Apophyllite is the stone of peace and spirituality, offering a sense of calm to those in its presence. Due to its clarity, it also understood to be the stone of truth and clear sight.

It can facilitate the creation of conscious connections between the physical and spiritual realms, and is truly a wonderful piece to work with if you are wanting to grow your intuition, as it provides you with access to information from both the past and the future. 

If you’re needing assistance with recognition of your true self, this stone can show you the way, and support you to share your spirit with the world.

It’s also great to work with when you want to correct any inner imbalances or flaws, helping to release mental blockages, it can shine a light on what needs tending to.

Apophyllite is the perfect stone for healing any matter of the spirit, or for helping to release suppressed emotions and dealing with anxiety, worries or fears and this is why it is frequently used in reiki healing.

It may also be helpful in neutralising allergies, promoting regeneration of the tissues of the skin and eyes, and for issues regarding the respiratory system such as asthma.


Approximate measurements:
Length - 11cm 
Width - 11.5cm 
Height - 6.5cm

Every crystal is shaped uniquely, so please understand these measurements are provided as a guide only. 


Crystal descriptions available on our website are not a prescription or diagnosis and have NOT been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. 

These descriptions are only supplied with the intention to provide food for thought.

Please consult your health care professional regarding serious health concerns and do not attempt to self-diagnose. 

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