A Yogic Path Oracle Deck and Guidebook


Whether you choose to meditate on a single card, or select several cards for a reading, you will uncover sacred meanings and receive cosmic intuition from the universe.

Embark on a path of awakening and self-discovery with this mystical 54-card oracle deck by the beautiful Sahara Rose and illustrator Danielle Noel.

Steeped in the wisdom of the Vedas, this ancient yet visionary deck is a tool to access your yogic intuition.

Each card represents aspects of the self, symbolised by sacred figures and concepts that are integral to yoga and Ayurvedic practices.

Illuminated by ethereal artwork, these cards provide insight into the present, and guidance for the future, connecting you to your inner wisdom and unlocking a deeper understanding of self.

This deck offers a unique approach to exploring and channeling the energies that flow through each of us.

The beautiful full-colour guidebook provides complete descriptions of each card as well as suggestions for working with the deck. 

When you work with your cards on a regular basis, you will find that your intuition increases, your soul’s voice gets louder, and you are able to deeply embrace who you are and the work you came here to do.

This is deck is absolutely stunning, and is the perfect tool for anyone who is connected to Ayurvedic practices, or is on their own yogic or spiritual journey.

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