Our Ethical Practice

At High Country Holistic, we value Transparency, Integrity and Kindness to all. 

Ethical practice is of incredible importance to us. 

Being plant based, we place great importance on minimising harm to all other beings and the environment. 

Our business will never stock products that discriminate against anyone, no matter their species, gender, nationality, skin colour etc.

All products sold to you, or recommended to you by us, are ethical, cruelty free and Vegan.

Not only are we incredibly fussy with whom we choose to source products from for our online store, we will only ever work with other businesses and organisations who share similar values to us, and respect the land, animals and fellow humans we share this planet with.

Our Crystal Standards

At High Country Holistic we choose Quality over Quantity.

We want to do our part to minimise the impact our business has on the environment, hence why we source Crystals in smaller quantities.

Our current crystal suppliers employ high ethical and moral standards when sourcing crystals and minerals. When sourcing from overseas suppliers, they ensure that all manufacturers align with Fair Trade and Ethical Standards.

This is reflected in the price you pay for our crystals. 

Our suppliers focus on sourcing pieces from mines that:

- Do not employ underage labour.

- Pay fair wages to employees.

- Provide safe working conditions for all employees which includes the utilisation of protective equipment to reduce the likelihood of conditions such as Deafness and Silicosis.

- Take consideration of the environment during mining practices. 

You can trust when you purchase from our hand-picked selection that each piece has been sourced in a way that prevents exploitation of humans and respects the environment that it has been sourced from. This is reflected in the price you pay for the pieces on our site. 

Where possible, we will provide details within the product description about the grade (quality) and place of origin of each individual piece on our site.

What about the Environment?

When purchasing Crystals from anywhere it is important to remember that any form of mining does impact the environment.

Although we are reassured by our suppliers that steps are taken to minimise extreme trauma to the land, due to the fact we are unable to physically visit the mines ourselves, we cannot wholeheartedly guarantee everything is done to the standards we would hope. 

If you do not feel comfortable with potential environmental damage, we suggest to cease purchasing crystals for good. 

As far as we are aware, in most countries, Indigenous individuals are paid by mining companies for the right to mine their land. This is particularly evident in Australia in the large open cut mines we harvest coal from.

When sourcing Crystals from Mines within Australia, we source from reputable licensed mines/suppliers who must adhere to particular standards when it comes to treatment of the land in order to avoid large fines.

At the end of the day, we have to put our faith in our suppliers to do the right thing and unfortunately we cannot be 100% certain that practices meet the standards that we hope.

Although cleansing a crystal will not erase its history, the one thing that allows us to be at peace with what we do and the crystals that we pick, is that the energy of our pieces feels happy.

We have received crystals in the past which felt as if mistreatment had occurred somewhere along the line and we immediately ceased any more dealings with those companies.

At High Country Holistic we will always strive to do our best, and when we know better, we will do better. 

- Kelsey (Owner and Founder)