Jackfruit & Blue Ginger


Of Indian and Eurasian heritage, Blogger and social media foodie - Sasha Gill brings us this gorgeous asian-inspired cookbook.

A modern way to dine, Jackfruit and Blue Ginger is more than a vegan recipe book! It’s a true collection of Asian favourites with a vegan twist.

When Sasha turned vegan, she didn't want to miss out on the vibrant flavours of her favourite Asian dishes, so she got to work 'veganising' them!

Studying medicine in the UK, far from her childhood home in Singapore, Sasha is a student who understands what it’s like to be time poor and on a budget, so most of her recipes don't take long or demand expensive ingredients.

Through constant experimenting, Sasha started to create dishes just as delicious and satisfying as her street-stall favourites and family dinners, using plants in place of meat and fish.

Within this gorgeous book you can find recipes for dishes such as: Jackfruit biryani, Creamy Spinach curry with crispy tofu, Vegan ‘Butter Chicken’, Tofu Pad Thai and other favourites such as Cauliflower samosas and Peking jackfruit pancakes.

If you're curious to see the kinds of dishes that lay beneath the pages of this incredible book, jump on over to Sasha's popular Instagram account @thesashadiaries where she shares her beautiful, colourful, healthy recipes.

Sasha, like us, believes that everyone, at some time, can benefit from an aspect of ‘vegan’ in their life, for their own health and that of the planet.

If you love cooking Asian favourites at home, this beautiful and inspiring book may be the perfect choice for you.

At High Country Holistic we want to help educate our community on the importance of animal welfare, helping others to understand that the journey towards true happiness and healing begins from a place of compassion, not only for yourself, but others we share this planet with. 

We believe that following a plant-based diet, as well as an ethical and cruelty-free lifestyle, is a wonderful first step to spreading kindness and compassion in our world. 

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